DaMachinimaBros: Editing those shortz

Terrance Malick once said that editing creates the heart and soul of any movie. Actually, I’m not sure he really said that, but I like to believe he did. Regardless, the quality of editing can have a drastic impact on the tone, pace and even meaning of a films. These two young Aussie filmmakers take editing to a level not seen in most youth produced movies, let alone most shorts on Youtube.


AdamVossen: Warning…videos may cause seizures

What’s with the music today, huh? It’s so loud and flashy and it’s barely like music at all. Damn kids with their fog machines and purple flashing lights, quick cuts and pagers. What happened to just sitting back, relaxing and enjoying some Woody Herman and Bunny Berigan? Both this kid and my punk grandson need to learn a thing or two about…well something.


Samelicad: What’s the Walking Dead?

Samelicad originally garnered a lot of attention through his friendship with Chandler Riggs, a former Youtuber with a name that is now forgotten. While Sam’s connection with the Walking Dead star is no longer relevant to his videos, the channel hasn’t lost any of its appeal. Sam has ditched a lot of the vlogging for more Let’s Play videos, which is still a lot of fun.


MrTumleKing: Oops…It’s actually Mr. TUMBLE King

Kids grow out of their tastes, attitudes and even their personalities fairly quickly. What’s awesome and exciting one moment is lame and intolerable the next. That’s why so many youth-run Youtube accounts disappear as quickly as they pop up. Fortunately, some kids keep their old accounts around for posterity, like HelloXRyan. Watch this Midwestern kid do a mix of singing, dancing and just goofing around.


YoConnor12: YoYo-ing around the world

Did you know that there was such a thing as professional yo-yo competitions? Apparently, there are contests all around the world where adults and kids compete to see who can maneuver their hyperboloids on a sting in the most fancy and difficult ways. Connor Seals is one such competitor. His account is full competitive and recreational yo-yo performances that make for good retrotainment.